How Do You Use Cloth Nappies?

How Do You Use Cloth Nappies?

A Beginners Guide to Using Cloth Nappies

At Monarch Store, we're all about providing eco-friendly products that are good for both your little bundles of joy, and our precious planet.

Today, we're going to talk about one of the most sustainable options for nappies: cloth nappies also known as Modern Cloth Nappies or MCNs.

MCNs are not only great for the environment but also for your wallet in the long run. So, if you're ready to reduce your environmental impact and save some serious money, let's dive into the wonderful world of cloth nappies.

We totally get that the idea of using cloth nappies might feel a bit overwhelming, especially for new parents. But fear not! We're here to walk you through the entire process, step by step. So take a breath, and let's embark on this incredible nappy journey together! 👇👇

Fitting A Monarch Cloth Nappy on a Child

How to choose the right cloth nappy for your baby

At Monarch Store, we've got you covered with a wide selection of cloth nappies that are perfect for every family out there. Let's take a peek at just a few of our versatile and beginner-friendly options, shall we?

First up, we have our Ultimate Wipeable Nappies, and let me tell you, they're an absolute breeze to use! 

Monarch Store Ultimate Wipeable Nappy Features Image

No need to worry about folding or stuffing here. Just snap the inserts in, snap or hook & loop 'em on, and you're good to go. Easy peasy, right?

PLUS Ultimate Nappies are great for using as a day nappy, they make the best leak-proof night nappies with their 4 super absorbent natural fibre inserts and simply take out the inserts you can use them as a swim nappy!


Now, let's move on to our Classic Pocket Nappies

Monarch Store Classic Pocket Nappy Features

These little wonders come with a nifty pocket where you can pop in the absorbent hemp and bamboo inserts. It's like magic! Just slip 'em in, secure the tabs, and your baby is all set for a cozy day ahead. Classic Pocket Nappies are trim-fitting and comfortable making them a fantastic option for day use! And if your baby is a light-medium wetter, use both inserts and enjoy dry nights!


Third, our NEW Beginners Cloth Nappies are a reusable rookie’s dream!

Monarch Store Beginners Cloth Nappy

We've packed these with all the features you need to make your cloth nappy journey as smooth as can be:

  • An industry-first dual-closure system that will blow your mind. Combining hooks and loops with snaps to give you the ultimate adjustable fit and superior leak protection.
  • Say goodbye to those pesky leaks and hello to worry-free days! The quick-absorbing and fast-drying inserts, featuring the goodness of bamboo and microfibre, will keep your little one feeling dry and comfy all day long.
  • Plus, we've added a stay-dry suede-cloth inner and a waterproof outer layer for extra convenience. It's like a cozy little haven for your baby's bum!
We know that as a beginner, you want something that's easy, convenient, and oh-so-comfy for your little bundle of joy. That's why our Beginners Cloth Nappies are the perfect choice. They're designed with you and your baby in mind, making your cloth nappy journey an absolute delight.


Now, before you make your choice, take a moment to consider a few things:

  • Think about your budget, because we want to make sure you find something that works for you without breaking the bank.
  • Keep your baby's size in mind, because we've got options for all those adorable little bums out there.
  • Think about your lifestyle. Whether you're always on the go or enjoy a relaxed pace, we've got the perfect cloth nappy to match your groove.

How to prep your new cloth nappies

Now, before you dive into the world of cloth nappies, there's a little step we want to make sure you're aware of. It's all about giving those nappies a good ol' wash before their grand debut on your little one's cute little bum.

Why, you ask? Well, we want to make sure we get rid of any residue from the manufacturing process. We want your nappies to be fresh and clean as can be for your baby's comfort. So, before you get started, grab those nappies and give them a nice wash. Trust me, it's worth it!

Now, don't worry, we've got your back. At Monarch Store, we've put together a handy wash guide just for you. It's like having a little cheat sheet for keeping your nappies in tip-top shape.

Once you've worked your magic and given those nappies a good wash, it's time to dry them off. But wait! Here's a little tip for you: feel free to pop those inserts in the dryer or hang them to dry. It's totally up to you! Just remember to give those shells a nice hang-drying session out of direct sunlight. We want to keep them looking fabulous and avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.

So there you have it, your nappies are now fresh, clean, and ready for action. Trust me, your baby's bum will thank you for it!

How to use your cloth nappies

Next, let's talk about how to use your Monarch Store cloth nappy. Don't you worry, it's as easy as can be! So, here's the lowdown:

  1. Step one, grab those absorbent inserts and either slide them into the handy pocket or snap them into your nappy shell. For a day nappy, you’ll probably only need one or two inserts whereas for a night nappy, we recommend starting with three or four inserts until you work out what’s best for your bub.
  2. Now, here comes the fun part. Take that lovingly prepared nappy and tuck it right under your baby's precious bottom. Remember, we want it to be snug, like a warm hug, but not too tight. It's all about finding that perfect balance for your little bundle of joy. Our nappies are designed to sit nice and high to give you lots of coverage and leak protection, to make it super-easy for you we’ve put together this easy-to-follow fit guide, you’ll be a pro in no time!

And there you have it, my fabulous friend! You've successfully mastered the art of using your Monarch Store cloth nappy. It's like second nature, right? 

Monarch Store Classic Pocket Nappy Fit Guide

How to change your cloth nappy

When that precious little bum needs a change...

  1. Simply unsnap the wings of the nappy and take it off your bub to pop on a fresh one!
  2. Once it’s off, remove the insert from the shell and pop them into a dry pail at home or a trusty wet bag if you’re out and about. It's like giving your nappy a little VIP treatment, ready for the next adventure!

Now, let's talk about the nappy shell...

  1. If it's got a little bit of mess on it, no worries! Just give it a shake and gently plop any solids into the toilet and give it a good rinse under running water if things got a tad mucky. But don’t stress too much, let your washing machine do the heavy lifting for you!
  2. After that, it's time to give it some love by placing it in the pail or bag alongside the inserts.

Remember – if you’re using a wet bag out and about, make sure your nappies find their home in the dry pail as soon as you can! Air flow is your nappy’s best friend and we want to make sure we’ve got lots of it!

Voila! You've successfully completed the changing ritual with your cloth nappy like a pro. It's like a little dance routine that keeps your baby fresh and comfy throughout the day! 

Monarch Store Velcro Cloth Nappy Fit on Baby


At Monarch Store, our hearts are bursting with joy knowing that you've taken the leap into the world of cloth nappies. By choosing this sustainable path, you're not only making a positive impact on our precious planet but also giving your baby the gift of comfort and care.

We believe in providing products that are not only good for your family but also good for the world we all call home. With cloth nappies, you're taking a step towards a greener and more sustainable future. It's a win-win situation!

We hope that this guide has been a helpful companion on your cloth nappy journey with Monarch Store. From choosing the perfect nappies to mastering the art of changing, you've shown dedication and love for your little one's well-being.

Happy cloth nappy-ing, fabulous parents! You're making the world a better place, one diaper change at a time.