Our Story

I'm Eunica and I'm passionate about making a social and environmental difference! Monarch came about through my desire to create a self-sustaining avenue for real change.

Below are three concrete ways in which Monarch seeks to make a difference: 

1. Donating (a minimum of) 10% of all profits to a charity nominated by our customers each year!

Each year we ask our customers to vote on their favourite charity and we send that charity the total amount of donations that year! 

2. Creating an Easy-To-Use Cloth Nappy system that is no harder than disposables, and help transition more families into cloth;

Our Ultimate nappy system is one of the most absorbent nappies in the market and a go-to for many parents who otherwise need two disposables to get through the night. The system also allows you to snap out the soiled inserts and snap-in a fresh one without changing the shell - thereby reducing your laundry pile and saving you $$$ on extra nappies!

Our beloved Classic nappies are also a popular choice as it gives parents a super trim fit, allowing cloth butts to be no bulkier than disposables!

3. Designing exclusive prints that give you an unexpected avenue (such as nappies) to enjoy the pretty things in life!

The incorporation of limited edition prints in our range was an initiative to bring more people (e.g. reluctant family members) on board to try cloth and was borne out of both personal and widespread experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you'll partner with me on this journey! 

I would also love to share in your eco-journey! Tag us in photos of your bub in our cloth nappies on Instagram or Facebook, or email us as we would love to hear from you! 

Xx Eunica 

Photo Credit: @Nikki Blasonato, Virtual Memories Photography