Our Story


Why, that is a great question! 

Our core mission is to REDUCE, REUSE, REPURPOSE and RE-ENGINEER. Our products are made with the highest quality materials to ensure they can be reused over and over again, and when they are at the end of their useful life, these products are designed so that they can be repurposed to serve a new function!

We are always re-engineering our products to ensure that our materials, workmanship, processes are best practice and quality out there, with a focus on a continual reduction of our overall environmental impact.

Let's be real - there are A LOT of cloth nappy, eco-friendly and baby shops out there, so what makes Monarch different? 

1. The MOST BANG for your BUCK

Like a lot of other families out there, you might have looked into cloth nappies due to the cost-savings. Well, with Monarch, you are getting A WHOLE LOT OF BANG for your buck. 

Here are a few ways that Monarch's products provide better value for your money compared to other options out there: 

  • LOTS of absorbency: A lot of cheaper nappies will only come with 1-2 inserts, usually varying in thickness / layers. Monarch's nappies come with at least 2 (Newborn / Classic nappies) or 4 (Ultimate nappies) inserts, with a minimum of 10 layers of absorbency, all the way up to 16! We also use a high GSM in our inserts (the higher the GSM, the more absorbent) so you know they are SUPER absorbent. 

Monarch has been specialising in Night Nappies since 2017, and in our time, we have come across VERY heavy wetters. We have designed our range of products including our Pull-Up and Hybrid nappies to withstand even the heaviest of wetters, so you don't have to go elsewhere for a "night" nappy.

Our nappies might seem pricey at first, but when you divide it by the number of layers of absorbency and GSM of each layer, both for the inserts and nappy shell, you'll find that we in fact come out cheaper! In fact, if you find a cheaper nappy with the same specs as ours, we will happily price match that nappy (with location, shipping and other terms factored in). 

  • Dual-layer PUL (for almost everything!): In addition to pioneering the widespread availability and accessibility of Night Nappies in the cloth market, we are also responsible for the rise of "dual PUL" in baby products and accessories. PUL (or Polyurethane Laminate) is a waterproof material that is commonly found in cloth nappies and other accessories. You will find that most, if not all our products are made with dual PUL, such as Nappies, Wet Bags, Pods, Tote Bags and Change Mats. This means that our products are twice as water-resistant as the standard ones on the market, and will are less likely to wear down or need replacing. 
  •  Multi-purpose products: Most of our nappies are designed to be used as Day / Night or Swim nappies. Depending on what you need, you can snap-in as much, as little, or no inserts at all (for a swim nappy)! This means, you don't need to invest in extra "day", "night" and "swim" nappies that can only be used for one particular purpose or worry that a particular nappy isn't dried in time for you to use. With OUR nappies, you just need to pick a style of nappy that you love, and then you can stock up and use interchangeably! 
  • Longer lasting: Compared to a lot of other nappies in the market, our nappies (particularly the Ultimate, and LOSFM nappies) fit beyond the average ~17kg (average upper weight range of most other nappies). Instead, ours will fit up to ~20-25kg (depending on nappy style) meaning you can use the one nappy for much longer, without needing to invest in toddler-specific nappies, especially when your little one is at the end of their nappy journey and is showing signs of wanting to toilet train. The last thing you want to do is buy a whole new stash of nappies only to find that your little one only needs them for one week!

 2. Design, Re-Design and Innovate!

At Monarch, we never rest - we are always out there researching the latest technology, materials and processes to ensure that we can incorporate these into our manufacturing and production as much as possible!

If you like products that stay the same over a 5 or 10 year period, then we are not the right company for you, but there are loads out there who will be!

If you like having the best of the best, don't mind trialling fun and experimental new products, always love discovering new ways to do the same things better, then jump on board because you are our people!

3. Community Focus, Community-Minded 

To us, our customers are our family, our community, our bosom buddies. We do everything in our power to ensure our customers have all the resources they need to use our products easily and successfully and we are always a text/email away if support is needed!

We connect with our customers in a few different ways, including a Facebook VIP Group where we come together to share tips, photos and advice with each other because parenting can sometimes be a lonely road! We have lots of parents with children of differing ages, and all levels of experience with cloth nappies. We love seeing our products in-use and we also share first updates and insights there, so we strongly invite you to join us (search "Monarch VIP Group" in Facebook or email us if you can't find it!). 

Finally, we want to benefit the wider community as much as our Monarch community, which means each year, we donate a percentage of our profits to a charity nominated by our customers! 

In the past, we have donated to:

  • SANDS; 
  • Heart Kids; 
  • Bears of Hope;
  • Red Cross; 
  • Bully Zero;
  • Orange Sky Australia; 
  • World's Greatest Shave; and
  • International Justice Mission.

If you're looking for VALUE, FUN PRINTS, outstanding QUALITY and CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then you have come to the right place! I hope we'll get to partner with you in your parenting journey!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to me at hello@monarchstore.com.au

Xx Eunica 

Photo Credit: @Nikki Blasonato, Virtual Memories Photography