Folding Your Bamboo Flats

Folding Your Bamboo Flats

Bamboo Flats are the ultimate cloth nappy staple! 

They've been around for decades, (centuries even) and offer so much versatility and longevity to any cloth user! 

Bamboo Flats are great because they are: 

  • Completely customisable to your baby's shape and size;
  • Fast drying and easy to wash;
  • Super absorbent and boostable;
  • Great even after toilet training for cleaning cloths; and
  • The BEST burp cloths you'll ever use!

So, what's the catch? Well, the folding! 

Unlike a Modern Cloth Nappy insert, Bamboo Flats take a little bit of practice to figure out what the best set up and fold style is for you and your family. It can be a little daunting at first to work it all out BUT we're here to help and make it easy for you! 

We've compiled the most popular fold techniques into this blog for you and created downloadable, printable guides for you to practice, or to display in your nursery for other caregivers to be able to follow and use! 

Let us know by commenting on this blog, which fold technique you like best and why!