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Our ART-STROLO-SEA COLLECTION was released in July 2021, featuring:

- 9 new prints in Classic Nappies, Ultimate Nappies, Regular Wet Bags, Mini Wet Bags and Double PUL Change Mats

    Product Changes in this release include:

    - The Ultimate and Classic nappies feature NEW longer wings to fit your child for longer

    - The back-flap elastic in the Ultimate Nappy has been removed for nappies in this collection.  You will find the elastic featured in nappies in our first release and our DAYDREAM COLLECTION.

    - The Ultimate Nappy for this collection are "Nap Edition" and come without a hemp insert.  Inserts for the Ultimate Nappy (Nap Edition) include:

         > 1 x 5-layer Bamboo insert

         > 1 x 3-layer Hourglass Bamboo Nap insert

    - The inserts for the Classic Nappy in this collection include a NEW softer Bamboo Terry!  The inserts for the Classic Nappy include: 

         > 1 x 5-layer Hemp insert

         > 1 x 5-layer Bamboo Terry insert

         > the Bamboo Terry is designed to snap on top of the Hemp insert

    6 products found in ART-STROLO-SEA COLLECTION

    The Classic Nappy | Bush Buddies
    • From $22.95
    The Ultimate Nappy | Bush Buddies (Nap Edition)
    • From $22.95


    Large 5-Layer Non-Gusseted Hemp Insert (Purchase together with a nap edition nappy)
    • $10.95
    • $7.00
    The Wipe-Clean Mat | Bush Buddies
    • $39.95
    The Mini | Bush Buddies
    • $14.95
    The Regular | Bush Buddies
    • $27.95