Cloth Nappy FAQs

Find the answers to popular cloth nappy FAQs below: 

1. What is the difference between your Classic and Ultimate cloth nappies?

2. Do I need to use dedicated Newborn cloth nappies?

3. Do I need to use dedicated Night cloth nappies?

4. How many nappies do I need to do cloth full-time?

5. How do I wash my nappies?

6. How do I fit my nappies?


1. What is the difference between the Classic and Ultimate Nappy? 

The Classic is your standard cloth nappy featuring a 'pocket' (openings at the front and back of the nappy to allow you to stuff an insert into the middle). The pocket is made with stay-dry jersey and the nappy outer is made from a waterproof material called PUL. 

  • These are trim-fitting nappies that are fairly similar to disposables in fit.
  • They come with 1x hemp (cream-coloured) and 1x bamboo (white) inserts (a total of 10 layers of absorbency).
  • These nappies were designed to fit more snug and than our Ultimate nappies and are perfect to send to day-care or with carers for the day.
  • Work as great night nappies for light to moderate wetters!
  • The Classic nappy is a OSFM style, fitting most babies from 3-17kg - that's birth to toilet training for most babies.

The Ultimate nappy is our signature nappy that many turn to as a night-time solution for their heavy wetters. However, these nappies feature a PUL outer and inner, meaning they are also wipeable and the perfect solution to take you from Day to Night. 

  • These nappies come with 4x absorbent inserts (1x hemp, 3x bamboo), making them famous as a night nappy solution for even the very heavy wetters (a total of 16 layers of absorbency).
  • The wipeable nappy shell design also means it can be wiped down in between uses, making it popular to use throughout the day. Snap out the soiled insert, wipe down the nappy shell, and snap in a fresh clean insert. However, we do recommend changing the nappy shell if wee/poo seeps into the leg elastics (gussets).
  • As the Ultimate nappy shells are completely waterproof, they can double as a swim nappy (use without inserts). 
  • The Ultimate nappy fits from 4-20kg

There is no right or wrong nappy. It is simply what works best for you (do you like or hate stuffing pockets, do you prefer wiping down and reusing shells, or does it not matter?) and for your baby (Are they a heavy wetter? Are they lanky or chunky? Do they flood the nappy, so need the absorbency of the Ultimate?)

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions! 

2. Do I need to use dedicated Newborn cloth nappies? 

Short answer is no. The long answer is - it depends on your baby - how big it is at birth, how much it weighs and whether you wish to use cloth nappies from Day 1 or sometime later. 

Newborn nappies are much smaller than One-Size-Fits-Most ("OSFM") like our Classic and Ultimate nappies and will therefore fit much better when your baby is smaller. Our Newborn nappies are designed to fit 2-8kg which means they will fit a lot longer than you think. 

If you answer yes to the following: 

  • I am aiming to use cloth nappies from Day 1 (or close to); 
  • I prefer a trim fitting nappy that will fit under clothes; 
  • My baby is likely to be born early / of a smaller build; 
  • I am likely to have children in the future and wouldn't mind investing in a stash of good-fitting nappies; 

then Newborn nappies are for you! If you would prefer to jump straight into OSFM nappies, we recommend the Classic nappies as they are a smaller fit and will fit most bubs at an earlier stage than the Ultimate nappies. 

3. Do I need a dedicated Night cloth nappy for my baby? 

Again, short answer is no. Long answer is - again, it depends on your baby and how much it outputs. If they are a light to moderate wetter, they may be fine with the Classic nappy with both inserts or the Ultimate nappy with the two large inserts. 

If they are a heavy wetter, we would recommend our famous Ultimate nappy with three or even all four of the inserts. 

If you are finding that they are even saturating all the inserts in the Ultimate nappy and you are confident that it is not a fit / wash / absorption issue, then we would recommend a Fitted nappy. A Fitted nappy is a nappy that is absorbent all-over, including the nappy shell. Whilst the Ultimate nappy is incredibly absorbent and will meet the needs of most babies, the shell is still wipeable meaning it will not absorb moisture. With a Fitted nappy where even the nappy shell is absorbent, you will have an extra layer of absorption and protection. 

Whilst we do not currently offer a Fitted nappy option, we are working on a few designs that we hope to bring to market soon. 

4. How many cloth nappies do I need to do cloth full-time? 

This is a great question and will depend on how often you do laundry and where you live (as this will affect drying times). If you wash less frequently and in a colder climate, we would recommend getting at least 36 nappies to give you a good buffer. 

If you wash every other day and live in a hot environment (or use the dryer/heater), then 20-24 nappies will be a good starting point.