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This Mini Wet Bag is an ideal travel companion. Its small size offers convenience while still providing enough room to store one dirty nappy and/or toys. Its snap-on handles make it easy to carry, wherever your travels take you.


Leakproof Magic: Crafted with a top-tier dual-layer water-resistant PUL for reliable protection against leaks and spills, ensuring your essentials stay dry.

Odor-Containment Expertise: Effectively contains odors, providing a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags for various uses.

Snap-Off Handles for Easy Attachment: Designed with snap-off handles for effortless attachment, offering flexibility in how you carry and use your Mini Wet Bag.

Even Weight Distribution with Two Handles: Equipped with two handles for even weight distribution, ensuring comfortable and easy carrying. 

Spacious Capacity for Essentials: Thoughtfully sized to hold 1-2 nappies, a change mat, wet wipes, snacks, and more, providing on-the-go versatility.

Easy Machine Wash: Effortlessly maintain freshness with easy machine washability, keeping your Mini Wet Bag ready for the next adventure.


    Dimensions: 25cm (w) x 25cm (h)


    Dual-layer sturdy PUL with zip closure.


    • Machine-washable, no hotter than 60 degrees Celcius (any hotter will deteriorate the waterproofing of the material)
    • We recommend line drying the bags in the shade
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