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Introducing The Everything Mat - your ticket to enjoying the great outdoors with the whole family! Picnicking never looked so good, or was so easy - this machine washable and waterproof picnic mat has you covered, literally and figuratively. It's wipeable, too, so no mess will ever blast off in the other direction! 


  • Large Size: These are a massive 2m x 1.4m!
    • You can fit 2 full-grown adults lying down side-by-side (great for the beach!)
    • You can fit a group of 5+ sitting very comfortably on the mat, with room to spare! 
  • Wipeable: These feature a wipeable printed surface with a tough cotton base featuring non-slip dots
    • Simply wipe down the back once you're done / after using it on a dirty surface
    • The surface is water-resistant and wipeable nylon meaning you don't have to worry about nappy-free time!
  • Padded + Non-Slip: These mats were also designed to double as a permanent playmat, especially if you need one that doesn't move around on your hardwood/tiled floors
    • These mats feature a 5mm cotton padding along with non-slip dots which will hold the mat in place when you place play gyms / other items on top
    • The bottom and padded layers are quilted together to minimise shifting and slipping
    • PLEASE NOTE - Top layer is not quilted to maintain the integrity of the fabric and print. This may cause some separation of the top and bottom layers with vigorous use (such as running the mat)
  • Versatile: You might be wondering why we made these massive mats when our range is aimed at the little ones in our life
    • As a Picnic Mat: Perfect for family fun-times in the sunshine! These will fit all your human and furry family members!
    • As a Food Mat: We saw a lot of parents using change mats to catch flying food, but found that (without the non-slip dots), the high-chair would slide
    • As a Clean Surface: We often saw bubs at the park or at the beach on a lovely mat, but there was never enough space for anyone else
    • For Nappy-Free Time: We found a lot of parents wanting to, but being afraid to do nappy-free time, especially once bub started moving. They always manage to crawl/shuffle off the mat before doing a wee on the carpet (we've all been there!). These mats are so massive that you can turn your back without worrying how quickly your little one moves!
  • Portable: Each mat comes with a matching, water-resistant, drawstring bag so you can fold them up and store them compactly when not in use!  
    • The drawstring bag now features a handy carry strap to sling over your shoulder while juggling the kids!


  • 1.9m x 1.4m! 

Product Care

  • A spot clean is often all that is needed to keep these mats in tip top shape and is recommended.  
    • We have successfully machine washed these mats but please note this is not covered by manufacturer warranty (as they are unable to control the wash conditions).  If you do choose to, please use a gentle cycle with cold water and with no spin, or the lowest spin setting in order to preserve the non-stick backing of the mat.

Photo Credit: @shania.bickey, @growingup.ellie, virtualmemoriestog

Print Credit: @pankeen.design


We want you to love your Monarch products and get lots of use out of them, so all our products come with a 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

Please note that our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by overuse and improper wash routines. Find out more here

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